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The network was established in 1960 with the name Cottage Hospital, and since 1984 has continued to its activity under the name Health & Treatment Network. In this regard covers the following units:
Khomein Health Center, Imam Khomeini (Rah) Hospital, Zeinab Kobra (SA) Hospital and EMS Center.   
Health Center: This center has 9 rural Health & Treatment centers, 5 urban Health & Treatment centers, 2 health posts and 48 health houses (Primary Health Cares and other components of PHC is offering to villagers as 48 health houses and by 112 health worker).
Imam Khomeini (Rah) Hospital: The hospital has started its activity in 1978, with 96 beds.
Imam Khomeini (Rah) Hospital and Zeinab Kobra (SA) Hospital act with offering services in following wards:
Surgery, Internal, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, CCU, ICU, Radiology, CT Scan, Sonography, Endoscopy, Color Echocardiography, Exercise Test, EEG, EMG, laboratory, Pharmacy, Specialty Clinics and Hemodialysis
9 rural Health & Treatment centers and 3 urban Health & Treatment centers are executor of family physician plan which are responsible for offering service to the population living in rural areas.
Manager: Akbar Bagheri
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