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Environmental Health Engineering focuses on identifying, evaluating, and rectifying environmental problems that have a discernable impact on public health.

Environmental Health Engineering


Environmental Health Engineering focuses on identifying, evaluating, and rectifying environmental problems that have a discernable impact on public health. The central idea is that many threats to human health are related to the environment, and the most effective way to alleviate the threat is to prevent or remediate the underlying environmental problem.



This program focuses on environmental factors affecting human health and related ecological issues by using environmental sciences, public health, the biomedical sciences, and environmental toxicology, and prepares individuals to function as professional environmental health specialists. Environmental health includes training in the fields of epidemiology, biostatistics, toxicology, public management, risk assessment, environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, water and wastewater treatment, hydraulic, Fluids mechanic, sewage collection and water distribution systems, solid wastes management, air pollution control and so on.

The main mission and task of the Department of Environmental Health Engineering, is promotion of knowledge about environmental protection and assistance in advancing environmental health in urban, industrial and rural areas as well as training experts and manpower for work in governmental sections such as Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences, Ministry of Energy, Department of the Environment and also for the private sectors. The department emphasizes on the role of air, water and human environment in order to improve environmental health.


This important mission is achievable by concerned efforts of the scientific board and personals in educational training, designing research projects and carrying out other related services. The theme of the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering is the identification and prevention of physical and chemical hazards in the environment that influence biological systems, with particular emphasis on the health of humans. Hence, the major goal is to facilitate productive interactions between basic and applied environmental health science and engineering. The other goal is to promote department grant to facilitate educational and outreach activities in the community.


The applicants with a diploma degree can apply for the program through the entrance examination which is held annually nationwide. The course lasts four years and the applicants will end up the program with a thesis. The course is presented in high quality and the graduates are allowed to continue their education up to PhD level in Iran or international universities anywhere in the world.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty: school of Health
Department: Environmental Health Engineering
Major (Name Of Program): Environmental Health Engineering
Special Website / Webpage: Go To Special Website
This program contact information:
Telephone: 00985832240571
Fax: 00985832247281
Email Address:
Contact Person Name: Dr. Mahdi Ghorbanian
Program Detail:
Length of Training: ---
Language Requirement:
Admission Requirement:
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