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Dental services in Iran are provided by both general and specialized dentistry. Currently,the college of bojnord dentistry trains general dentist.


Dental services in Iran are provided by both general and specialized dentistry. Currently,the college of  bojnord dentistry trains general dentist.The length of the general dentistry curriculum is 6 years, or 12 semesters. Students take general and basic science courses during the first 2 years, then continue on the predental and dental courses for the remaining 4 years.

The dental curriculum has been revised five times since 2016.

the curriculum was changed dramatically in 2012 with 217 credits and explained as follows:

1-24 credits for general courses

2-39 credits for biomedical (basic) sciences

3-139 credits for medical (dental) sciences

4-15 credits for Optional specific courses (from 35 credits Optional specific courses)

In the first stage, which lasts 2 years, students complete a total of 73 credits. The general courses include: 1-The Islamic Revolution and Its Origin 2-Computers 3- English language 4-Persian Language 5-Physical Education 6- History of Islam ,etc. The basic sciences include:1- General Pathology 2-Immunology 3- Human Histology 4-Biochemistry 5- Physiology 6- Microbiology 7-Parasitology and Virology 8- Public Health 9-Genetics and 10-Psychology 11-anatomy science.

At the end of the first 2 years, students take a comprehensive examination in the basic sciences. After successfully passing the courses in the first stage and the comprehensive examination, students take the preclinical and clinical courses in the second stage, which lasts for the remaining 4 years, or 8 semesters. The preclinical and clinical section in the second stage requires a total of 144 credits

In summary, students should successfully pass a total of 217 credits in their 6-year training program as follows: (a)general courses, 24 credits; (b)basic sciences, 39 credits; (c) predental and dental courses, 144 credits. Finally, students submit a thesis to obtain the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.


Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty: school of Dentistry
Department: Dentistry
Major (Name Of Program): Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
This program contact information:
Telephone: 00985832297527
Fax: 00985832296787
Email Address:
Contact Person Name: Dr. Nowdehi
Program Detail:
Length of Training:
Language Requirement:
Admission Requirement:
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