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The field of occupational health has started with the establishment of the Faculty of Medical Sciences with the admission of 30 students. Health is a science and art profession that causes the physical, mental and social health of workers in the workplace by predicting, the assessment and control of risk factors so that it can provide the highest possible level and employ labor in proportion to their physical and mental abilities to improve effic
The Department of Occupational Health Engineering of the Faculty of Health started its activities in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in occupational health. In accordance with the needs of the growing community and increasing the number and variety of environmental pollution and pollutants released in the occupational and industrial environments, the group's activities also increased. At the undergraduate level, this group has trained and employed specialized human resources. Training of specialized manpower and conducting applied scientific research and providing services based on need are the most important strategies via considering the potential of Alborz University of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Health and the existence of specialized faculty colleagues and capable expert staff and appropriate facilities and equipment in the occupational health department.
Group Mission: 
The Occupational Health Group considers participation in maintaining and promoting the health of the workforce at the national level and the development of occupational health knowledge at the regional and international levels through educational, research and service activities as one of its most important tasks.
-Quantitative and qualitative improvement of postgraduate courses, especially postgraduate courses with emphasis on utilizing internal and external capabilities
- Active assistance and participation in preparing and codifying national health, safety and environmental standards, 
-Setting up research centers and reforming the structure of occupational health services inside the country

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty:
Department: Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engin
Major (Name Of Program): Occupational health and safety engineering
This program contact information:
Telephone: 02634336007-9
Fax: 02634302090
Mobile: 09127883614
Email Address:
Address: Between Golestan I and II, South Eshteraki, Baghistan, Karaj
Contact Person Name: Dr. Asghar Ghahri
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

4 years

Language Requirement:


Admission Requirement:
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