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Bachelor's degree of emergency medical services is one of the educational programs of medicine grade. Graduates of this grade are one of the members of health team. Tasks of these graduates are providing health services in confronting with injured from accident and disasters before arriving hospital. According to relevant instructions and also as an active arm in all crises and foreseen events and relief ability, helping injured.

History and new developments :

Emergency medical services as a profession was established in USA and has had a significant development after half a century. After damaging the roof of Mehrabad airport in 1974 and establishing the first pre – hospital emergency center, non-academically training of staff was started. At first, volunteers after passing a short course and almost 6 months training were employed in emergency departments. There was no development in training process until 2000. The curriculum of associated emergency medical services was approved in 2000 and student's admission was started. Now after 7 years of admitting the first group of students and the need to enhancing their knowledge and skills, it was decided to upgrade quantity and quality of our services.


 Considered Values :

  • Due to the high emphasis and very high value of religious teaching of saving lives and helping injured, training this field is a worthwhile step to institutionalizing human morality and religious values. Emphasis on moral, professional and legal values is one of the necessary components of training this field.

  • As respects, our country has very high statistics in occurrence of cardiac events, and the injured caused by accidents, are the major part of pre-hospital emergency services.

  • High incidence of accidents and natural crises and readiness to dealing with them, is one of the important educational issues and capability.

  • Orienting with the newest therapies, hardware and software equipment at pre – hospital level and also, knowledge, skill power, speed and accuracy are the most important issues of this field.

  • Protection of human dignity and religious values in presenting services is one of the valuable pillars of emergency medical services field.

  • Research as a base of all field, has a great value and training students is considered based on the principle of core research.

Training experienced, efficient and promising to the Islamic and human values students is one the components of mission of teaching emergency medical services field. Graduates of this field are able to help injured as soon as possible and with optimal quality with knowledge and according to the needs of the community.
Based on this curriculum, over the next ten years, along with the transformation of the society, student of this field will be trained in accordance with international standards. By the course, the graduates are able to present desirable service in accordance with job descriptions.
By developing training program comply with global standards graduates if this field will be able to present effective and affordable service in different areas and to be prominent in regional and international level.

Aims(General goals)

General educational purpose in bachelor degree of emergency medical services, training qualified, efficient and promising students who are able to helping the community (from request to transfer to the medical center) as a member of the health team in the best way.

Role definitions:

Roles contains: caring, sanitary and managerial in pre- hospital level

Professional duties of graduates:

  1. Early and rapid evaluation of disease

  2. Providing first medical aid to the injured

  3. Establishing communication with main emergency centers  and consultant doctor

  4. Providing  appropriate  medical report to the consultant doctor with message center and getting mission

  5. Proper use of equipment in ambulance in order to monitor, movement, transfer and stabilization of the patient's condition.

  6. Performing basic actions such as getting the right venous route, oxygen intake, keeping the airway open, performing  cardiopulmonary bypasses in cases of cardiac arrest, prescribing fluids in shock cases

  7. The Correct prescription of medications available in the emergency room, intubation, giving electric shock to the patient, and other advanced  recovery actions

  8. Driving  to reach the mission location quickly and caring the patient as soon as possible

  9. observing  professional ethics and reassuring to the patient

  10. Carrying out other responsibilities based of  organizational introductions  and administrative circulars


Execution strategy:

to achieving the educational goals the following strategies are required:

  1. Setting goals and presenting an educational program to meet national and local needs

  2. Emphasis on saving patients and prevention from disability

  3. Presenting educational programs through simulations in clinical skills centers using educational tools and equipment and ambulance

  4. Emphasis on applying  learned skills  in realistic environments

  5. Attention to new methods and techniques with emphasis on problem solving methods

  6. Designing training program based on roles and professional duties

  7. Training students to enhance self-learning and continuous learning

  8. Designing programs based on disaster issues and possible changes of job in special circumstances

How to admit a student:

Student admission, through examination semi centralized, with emphasis on quotas of deprived areas

Similar fields within the country

There is no similar field within the country.

Similar Fields Abroad:

For example, in USA, this group called Emergency Medical Technician, in 3 sections. For this field in Iran EMT Intermediate

Requirements for establishment of associated degree of emergency medical services:

According to the Office of Extension and Evaluation of Medical Education.

Other cases  (such as scholarships):

does not have

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty:
Department: Emergency Medical Group Emergency Medical services
Major (Name Of Program): Bachelor's degree in medical emergencies
This program contact information:
Telephone: +982634304433
Mobile: +982634304433
Email Address:
Address: School of nursing, Eshteraki street, Baghestan Blvd., Karaj, Iran
Contact Person Name: Dr. Lotfi
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

4 years

Language Requirement:


Admission Requirement:
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