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Full Description and Introduction of the Faculty

After the establishment of Alborz University of Medical Sciences, the expansion of relevant faculties was one of the priorities. Faculty of dentistry was established in November 2012 with the agreement of the Council for the Development of Medical Universities. This faculty started to admit the students through Nationwide Entrance Exam, also known as ( Konkoor) in 2013. The first graduate (international) students were admitted in the fall of 2015 after issuance of the license by Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.
 In addition to dentistry, oral health technician students and dental prosthesis students were admitted in 2015 and 2016 respectively.
The rank for being accepted in this faculty in entrance exam (Konkur) of 2016 was 400 in region 1, about 900 in region 2 and about 600 in region 3. The process of student admission through the national entrance exam continues every year.
At the beginning of the establishment, the faculty space was about 1200 square meter which increased to 6000 square meters in development phase.  Facilities and essential equipment such as clinics, classes, laboratories, pre-clinics, dental laboratories, internet center, and audio-visual amenities are offered to all students; Moreover, the library, amphitheaters, dining room are under construction.
This faculty presents highly specialized services to the citizens using 100 dental units. The services of this faculty include diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases, maxillofacial surgery, dental prostheses, oral and maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, restoration, endodontics, gingival and implant surgery and digital radiology.
One of the priorities of this faculty is the establishment of the modern maxillofacial radiology department, which has surpassed all other dental faculties. In the radiology department, in addition to 5 PA radiographs, OPG and lateral cephalometric devices, a CBCT device has been setup. This device is able to check the cross-sectional area of the jaw bones for actions such as implant placement, examining the relationship of teeth with the nerve canal and the relationship of impacted(hidden) teeth with the roots of adjacent teeth, etc.  All citizens can benefit from specialized imaging services of CBCT with government tariffs in this college.
The faculty ha more than 48 laboratory tables with modern laboratory standards that meet the needs of students in the field of preclinic and phantoms.  These tables have special panels for installing phantom heads and dental casts, therefore, Complete patient simulations can be performed for the students.
The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology of the Faculty, with the use of ten quality optical microscopes, is the only specialized center for oral and dental lesions diagnosis in Alborz Province.  The pathology department has tissue processors, microtomes and other tissue processing devices; therefore, the process of diagnosis can be done in the faculty completely. 
The School of Dentistry is equipped with departments for the diagnosis of oral diseases, gum diseases, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implants, pediatrics, orthodontics, dental prostheses, endodontics, restorations and radiology and oral and maxillofacial pathology.
On their arrival, patients are examined by the students and professors and then, they are referred to the different sections based on their need. In case of need, biopsy is taken and sent to pathology departments.   
The working hours of the Department of Diagnosis and Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases are from 8 to 11.30 in the morning and 15 to 17.30 in the evening.

Introducing Educational Programs

Education and training of dental students who are responsible about the quality of oral health at the community 
Improving the clinical and virtual education infrastructure for the educational growth of learners.
Providing facilities for students to achieve higher level of education in the field of dentistry  

Announcement of Student Admission Requirements

Students' admission is through nationwide entrance exam under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Faculty Office Email :

Faculty Contact Numbers : 02633531614 – 02633555049 - 02633500080

Exact Address of the Faculty :  Shahid katouiezade st,Golshahr avenue,karaj,Iran 



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