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Full Description and Introduction of the Faculty

The Medicine Faculty a part of University of Medical Sciences was established as a subset of Iran University of Medical Sciences in 2006-2007 and started operating as an independent faculty of Alborz University of Medical Sciences in 2010. 
This faculty issued a license to admit medical students with the consent of the Ministry of Health in 1390 by attracting related professors. The faculty currently has more than 179 faculty members in the form of 18 clinical departments and 11 basic science departments. Clinical group includes internal diseases, Gynecological diseases, Pediatric diseases, General surgery Cardiovascular diseases, Infectious diseases, Neurosurgery, Anesthesia, Emergency medicine and poisoning, Internal neuropathology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Psychiatry, Urology, Pathology and skin diseases. On the other hand, the basic sciences group includes anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical physics, parasitology, mycology, entomology, medicine, microbiology, virology, biochemistry, nutrition, genetics and immunology, social medicine, biotechnology, medicine, traditional medicine, midwifery, medical education and Islamic education.
The medical school currently accepts students in four master's degrees (microbiology, biotechnology, parasitology and midwifery counseling) and eight specialized doctoral programs In addition to educating medical and midwifery students. 
The faculty currently has 986 general medicine students in basic physiopathology and clinical courses. The faculty also has 42 undergraduate students, 64 graduate students and 83 assistant professors.
The faculty has four teaching hospitals with about 1400 hospital beds where faculty members, assistants and interns provide an important part of providing high quality health services to the community.
The faculty also has 10 research and educational laboratories, Anatomy Hall and Animal Nest, where practical training units and research projects of faculty members, student theses and research projects are carried out.

Introducing Educational Programs

General Medicine Course: The whole course is about 6 to 7 years, which includes four sub-courses of basic sciences, physiopathology and internship. During this course, students will become familiar with the structure, organs, and physiology of the human body and the common pathogens in infectious diseases. They will also become familiar with the body's defense mechanisms and clinical examinations and manifestations of various diseases and patient communication skills. They will learn how to care for patients clinically and what the principles of medical professional ethics are.

Announcement of Student Admission Requirements

- Passing the university entrance exam
- Having a high school diploma
- Enjoying  complete physical and mental health

Faculty Office Email :

Faculty Contact Numbers :  02634287339

Exact Address of the Faculty : The Medical School, the campus of the University of Medical Sciences, higher than the University of Arts,  at the end of west Bu-Ali, Nabovat Square, Karaj



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