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Full Description and Introduction of the Faculty

Faculty of Health Karaj University of Medical Sciences in 1386 with the admission of 207 students in associate and bachelor degrees began its activities in environmental health, occupational health, fight against diseases and family health, anesthesia and operating room. This faculty was established as an independent faculty In 1390, after obtaining the license of Alborz University of Medical Sciences. The faculty currently has 329 undergraduate and graduate students.
- Chemistry and chemistry of water and wastewater
- Microbiology of water and wastewater
- Device analysis
- Waste and radioactive materials
- Chemical and harmful agents
- Ergonomics and diseases
- physical factors
- Physics
- 8 classrooms with a capacity of 30 people
- Graduate students site
- Undergraduate students site
- Conference Room
Computer Center:
The computer center has systems connected to high-speed internet for students to use and is equipped with a video projector, screen board and smart board for holding workshops.
The library has 4077 titles of Persian books, 360 titles of Latin books and 150 CDs.
Pump motor workshop:
This college has a well-equipped workshop with a pump motor and a hydraulic sewage installation system for teaching environmental health students.

Introducing Educational Programs

Alborz University of Medical Sciences School of Health has been established with the aim of training capable and specialized human resources in the field of health sciences required in the country and the province, as well as participation in promoting the health of the community. This faculty emphasizes on conducting applied and fundamental research to solve problems related to the health of people in the community and the development of health science and technology.

The Faculty of Health considers the provision of these services with acceptable quality in terms of national and international indicators as its first priority In order to improve the quality of educational, research and consulting services. The faculty has systematically continued to increase the capacity of faculty and staff to be creative and motivated people in the workplace. Therefore, this faculty makes every effort to provide scientific and practical education with the desired quality and in accordance with the needs of the country's health system for students.
Therefore, at present, this faculty accepts students in master's degree in two fields of health education and health promotion and environmental health engineering, and in bachelor's degree in three fields of public health, occupational health engineering and environmental health engineering. The faculty seeks to establish a doctoral program in environmental health and a master's degree in biostatistics and epidemiology in environmental health engineering (in two areas: air pollution and waste), occupational health engineering, health economics, and health services management.

Announcement of Student Admission Requirements

Admission of students in this college is based on scientific criteria, based on which the country's Education Evaluation Organization selects students and introduces them to the faculty. Students applying for transfer are also accepted based on their academic records in the existing majors. The faculty plans to accept foreign students applying to continue their studies in this faculty based on their academic records.

Faculty Office Email :

Faculty Contact Numbers : 02634302090

Exact Address of the Faculty : Golestan I, Eshteraki St., Baghistan, Karaj 



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