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Alborz Province is 31st province of Iran, centered in Karaj, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains. Alborz Province is situated 35 km west of Tehran and it is one of the nearest surrounding towns of Tehran, the capital of Iran. The proximity of Alborz to Tehran, has made it an ideal choice for students to utilize academic facilities of Alborz University of Medical Sciences. Alborz is connected to Tehran with a big Freeway and also with a system of metro.
The Province is near to two main passenger airports: Mehrabad Airport and international airport (Imam Khomeini Airport). 
Alborz province's major universities are: Islamic Azad University of Karaj, Payame Noor University of Karaj, Art university of Alborz and Alborz University of Medical Sciences.
Attractions of Alborz:
Karaj-Chalus route is a famous road which starts from the city of Karaj in Alborz province and leads to the city of Chalus on the Caspian Sea. The road whit amazing nature, Karaj river, natural caves, high waterfalls, high mountains, old trees and diverse flora is one of the most beautiful tourist roads in the country.
The province has a hydro dams namely Amir Kabir which is located at a 23 km distance on Karaj-Chalus route. The lake forms an excellent area for sports such as canoeing, fishing, water skiing and swimming.
Garden of Tulips which is located in Garmab village in Karaj-Chalus route is one of the greatest attractions of Alborz province. In spring this wonderful season that brings back more daylight tulips bloom once again and it is the perfect time to plan to visit some of the most magnificent gardens of Iran.
Yakh Morad Cave, one of the well-known caves of Iran located in Gachsar village in Karaj-Chalus route is located in Alborz Province. Some of the specialists believe that Yakh Morad Cave was formed about fifty million years ago. The conditions of the cave have provided an ideal environment for forming of ice and icicles. Lightning and reflex of light on the surface of the icicles has created imaginative sceneries.
Baraghan is a historical village just north of Karaj. It has several historical places and stunning landscapes.
Jahan nama is a half a century old Forest Park. The largest park in Karaj has various plant species, a beautiful lake and an artificial island.
Chamran park is one of the largest parks of Alborz province and provides pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation. It also has a beautiful flower garden, and is one of the best spots to see colorful flowers.
Shah Abbasi caravansary one of the historical monuments in Karaj is a stone-brick building related to the Safavid era. It is considered one of the most valuable works of the Safavid period which was located on the Silk Road.
Apple Garden is a famous, lush garden which is located in mehrshahr near Karaj. 
The Pearl Palace (Morvarid palace) is located in Mehrshahr near Karaj. This palace is registered as a national heritage of Iran. The Pearl Palace with a set of spiral roofs, skylights and beads of pearls which has covered all over the roof of the building is a perfect example of the architecture of Iran in the twentieth century and a historic monument of Karaj.
Local restaurants of Alborz province which serve delicious Iranian food. 
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