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About Karaj


Karaj situated to the west of Tehran and one of the metropolises in Iran is the home of Alborz University of Medical Sciences (ABZUMS)


Karaj is a beautiful city in northern Iran located by the side of the Karaj River. The magnificent flow of the Karaj River is not the sole source of beauty in the land of Karaj. People can entertain themselves by the majestic views of the mountains. The beautiful Alborz Mountains provide a natural beauty to the landscape of Karaj


The climate in Karaj is quite a temperate one that draws every one. The temperature is pretty cool in the foot of the Alborz Mountains. Many move to Karaj to spend their vacations. The calm weather and the majestic sceneries of the natural landscape in Karaj revitalize the visitors. The hospitality of the local inhabitants along with the clean environment in Karaj makes it a dream place to live


The proximity of Karaj to Tehran, the capital city of Iran, has made it an ideal choice for students to utilize academic facilities of both cities

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