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How to write a motivation letter

Motivation Letter

Another essential document in your process of application is the motivation letter. 

There is not a prescribed strict and inflexible framework or format for motivation letters, hence you can write the letter in your own unique way. Nonetheless, there exit certain points to pay attention which can aid you write a more suitable and efficient letter.

Content: The content of the motivation letter is necessary to the admission process. It is recommended to invest a good deal of time on it. You will take benefit of your own unique writing style but make sure you include enough data about the consequent points:

  • Clearly refer to the level and program (major) of your choice.
  • Elaborate on the assumed reasons for your interest in that specific field.
  • Related to your chosen program, state your long-term goals and elaborate on how those goals can be realized by studying the mentioned program and through studying here. Concentrare on how you are going to take benefit of the knowledge you will acquire in your chosen program to make progress towards your future purposes.
  • Keep in your mind that you aim to persuade the admission committee board by your skills, abilities and potentials.

Organization and Format: The manner you organize your opinions is also highly important.

  • Make sure your opinions are vividly explained and you have not left behind ambiguous or unclear statements throughout the text.
  • Organize your opinions carefully and ensure that they do not have paradox with each other.
  • give enough care to the division of ideas and paragraphs. Avoid mixing opinions with each other or fragmenting an idea by putting it in different paragraphs.
  • Neatness and Order: A motivation letter reflects your academic mindset and future aims, and also depicts your academic identity.
  • Type the letter and avoid handwriting.
  • Make sure that the quality of your sent file is enough high and the content is legible.
  • Also,  make sure you have not made any spelling or grammatical mistakes.


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