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School of Nursing and Midwifery



Administered by Kerman Province Department of Health (Behdari), Razi School of Nursing and Midwifery began operation in 1962, by accepting 18 students in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with the first group of students graduating in 1965. Starting from 1982, as the title was changed from ‘Institute’ to ‘Educational and Research Complex’, the school accepted associate degree students in majors of nursing, midwifery, anesthesiology, operating room, public health, and radiology as well as the one-year program of health assistantship (Behyari). The title was once again changed in 1983, this time to Razi School of Nursing and Midwifery, accepting discontinuous B.Sc. in nursing since 1985, and discontinuous B.Sc. in midwifery since 1986. The other pertaining majors were transferred to the Medical School, by 1986. Students were admitted into self-supporting B.Sc. since 1991 and discontinuous B.Sc. in nursing since 1999. The graduate studies admissions commenced in 1990, and extend to present, followed by admission in PhD in nursing and associate degree in Emergency Medical Service, from 2006.



Educational Facilities and Equipment

Facilities for all the departments are offered as Skill Labs. There is also the computer center which holds classes for all the faculty members; there is the Audiovisual Center, with divisions for the faculty and students. The CPR room is designated for CPR training, when required. And finally, the Physical Examination room where different physical examinations are instructed.


Computer Center

Our Computer Center began operation in 2003 with only 6 PC sets, undertaking statistical analysis and information network of the school. Presently, there are 100 PC sets across the school, distributed to the computer lab, professors’ offices, administrative offices, and the library computer lab. The computer lab is intended for the faculty, lecturers, and M.Sc. students and their training, and the Library Computer Lab is dedicated to B.Sc., M.Sc., and PhD students.


Training Unit

This unit is where training courses on all the existing software, targeting the faculty, the students, and the staff, are held.


The Audiovisual Center

Our audiovisual center is equipped with 4 laptops, overhead device, TV set, VCR, projector, manikins and human bodies, human skeleton, educational nursing, medical, and midwifery videos on a wide range of subjects, anatomical manikins, and operating room scrubs. This center is used for the purpose of dissection classes.


Skill Laboratory

Our Skill Lab is equipped with 2 beds, trunk manikin, CPR manikin, also head and neck, breast, the genitals, IV, catheterization, injection manikins, etc; as well as all the equipment for injection, dressing, catheterization, bed making, heat and cold therapy, crash cart, ECG, otoscope, examination bed, stretcher, gynecology bed, fetal manikin; besides weekly scheduled classes, the Skill Lab offers additional hours for students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. This center, furthermore, holds workshops on CPR, health status assessment, and other emergency nursing classes.



  • Internal-Surgical Nursing
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Intensive Care Nursing
  • Midwifery


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