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School of Persian Medicine



Traditional Iranian Medicine is a branch of medical sciences , which is intended to provide  general practitioners with numerous ways of prevention, treatment, education , and  practical research. In this way, they can use the most developed modern information in medicine, along with utilization of the method to improve the health of community and also upgrade  human knowledge.



The research has revealed that Traditional Iranian Medicine as a strong part of cultural heritage, has always been extraordinary helpful in all aspects of research and discussion to extend human knowledge and bridge his mind in the given area. For this reason, avoiding national dimensions, teaching to PhD students across the world would provide the society to benefit from this great heritage.



The mission of this field sets out to provide a good education for a group pf potential physicians in PhD study in prestigious medical schools within and outside the country. Therefore, the doctoral graduates will not only acquire advanced knowledge and new technology but will also get experience and information which are specific in traditional medicine required to treat patients, prevent disease and also improve the health of community along with cutting costs, drug side effects and treatment methods. In addition, the extensive research has been carried out to promote medical knowledge and clinical skills .  A broader research-based experience has been also highly provided.




The purpose is to provide easy and affordable medical services to develop health of populations and carry out related research.



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