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Health Technology Incubator



The definition of Growth Center

Growth centers or incubators managed by occupational experts provide supportive services for creating and developing new professions by entrepreneurs who have formed active new groups in different fields of technology and have knowledge/ technology- based economic goals. Incubator center is one of the economic growth tools and nowadays, it has been accepted as a center for developing entrepreneurship through transforming creative ideas and scientific/research achievements to products that can be presented to the market.


Kerman Health Technology Incubator

Health Technology Incubator of Kerman University of Medical Sciences is one of the incubators affiliated to Iran Health Ministry that works under the supervision of Vice Chancellor for Research, Kerman University of Medical Sciences. This center was established in December 2010 and started its activity with the aim of supporting companies that are active in the field of health technology.



  • Preparing the situation of commercializing health research achievements
  • Providing conditions for entrepreneurship and supporting young researchers’ creative ideas  in the field of health
  • Helping local economic boom based on health technology
  • Providing the required physical space for development and growth of small and intermediate knowledge/technology-based units in the field of health technology
  • Preparing the conditions for providing adequate job opportunities with the aim of absorbing entrepreneurs and university graduates in the field of health technology
  • Producing and developing technologic products and processes which are presentable to the health market


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