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Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center



The center mission

The Endocrine and Metabolism Research Center tries to provide the appropriate platform for scientific and research development in the field of endocrinology and metabolism by utilizing all available capacities through educating, supporting and encouraging scholars of basic and clinical sciences and also takes steps in order to improve Kerman and Iran peoples’ health by utilizing scientific documents. In this regard, the center tries to strengthen the relationship between specialists and scholars of basic and clinical sciences and increase their ability in research and prioritize solving the health problems of the province and region in order to maximize productivity from research results.


The center perspective

This center hopes to be able to serve as a research hub in the field of human endocrine and metabolism in the country and in the world in future, in which elite scholars and experts can engage in their scientific activities free of problems and limitations with great pleasure.



This center has set itself the following values to put all these principles into action in all planning, decision-making and activities:

  • Focusing on the ethics in research in all of the researches
  • Assistance to achieve the goals and objectives of the country's 20-year vision
  • Raising the health of people in the province and country
  • Providing a relaxed and scientific environment for research and creating incentives and facilities for researchers
  • Assistance to the clinical development of Kerman University of Medical Sciences and the country in international level
  • Raising the spirit of cooperation and scientific and research collaboration and efforts to organize large-scale work with collective partnership


The center special goals

  1. The Endocrine Research Center has a powerful faculty and researchers in endocrinology / physiology / biochemistry / pathology and basic and clinical sciences, which has the ability to create a new attitude in the research and guidance of the research team in the following areas:

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome - Thyroid Diseases – Obesity – Adrenal Gland - Pituitary Diseases - Bone / Calcium and Vitamin D Diseases

  1. Partnership with other university research centers in the human resources training area in the field of endocrine and holding short and long term courses in the area of diabetes and providing educational-research workshops.

Creating appropriate and relevant knowledge and publishing the materials and results of the conducted researches in order to inform and educate in the form of policies and goals of the center and university.

  1. An attempt to answer public health problems and raise their awareness in the area of the center research findings and its related issues.


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