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Medical Informatics Research Center




The Medical Informatics Research Center is affiliated to the Research and Technology deputy of the University of Medical Sciences. This center through conducting fundamental and applied research, holding specialized workshops, national and international conferences, and collaborating with other research and academic centers to address the development, application, and evaluation of health information systems to improve health Society provides national and provincial levels.



In the horizon of the plan and with the grace of divine grace, through the pursuit of fundamental and applied research in the central health system, we have been dynamic, creative and innovative and as a scientific pole of the country, and the field of health promotion in the community and international cooperation in the field of design, provide assessment and development of health information systems.



  • Maintaining and enhancing man as manifestation of divine excellence and power
  • Respect for research foundations based on deep human, Islamic and indigenous beliefs
  • Prioritizing the rights of the people and society and its preference for any investigation that directly or indirectly conflicts with the rights of the community.
  • Development of human knowledge away from group or personal blind biases
  • Orientation of activities to meet the needs of the country and the region
  • Teamwork and empowering members of the center to achieve goals
  • To maintain the confidentiality of information and research ethics
  • Facilitating communication with other relevant research centers in the country as well as decision-makers and policymakers
  • The speed and precision in performing tasks and the transparency of performance


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