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HIV/STI Surveillance Research Center



Who We Are

HIVHUB is made up of 20 members and academic researchers with specialized expertise and interest in epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral and implementation sciences. All skills collectively to be used to improve local and international capacities to effectively and accurately design, collect, analysis, interpret and use of surveillance data to improve response to HIV epidemic.


What We Do

Our mission is simple to help, to collaborate, and share knowledge and experience with other researchers and countries to improve health and reducing the burden of HIV, and improve health in the most vulnerable populations in MENA region. We also design and implement studies in the area of HIV surveillance including Population Size Estimation and Modeling the Trend and Assess the impact of HIV interventions to guide public health authorities on how to improve their responses.


Where We Work

Given the expertise of our team, we have implemented several nationwide surveillance activities in more than 25 cities in Iran. We are conducting research in more than 6 countries. Attendees in our training courses are from more than 14 countries in MENA region and from 4 countries in other regions.



HIV/STI Surveillance Research Center, and WHO Collaborating Center for HIV Surveillance, Institute for Futures Studies in Health, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran.


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