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Oral and Dental Diseases Research Center



Today, the establishment of research centers is important due to the rapid development of science, both in terms of positive impact on this process and in terms of solving health problems in society. It has been raised as a need at the level of Iranian universities of medical sciences. Kerman Medicine is not an exception to this rule due to its antiquity and significant history in research affairs, and research centers approved by the Ministry have been operating in it for many years.


On May 2008, with the approval of the esteemed officials of the university and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Kerman School of Dentistry agreed in principle to establish a research center for oral and dental diseases.


Research Priorities

  • The state of oral health and the etiological factors affecting it
  • People's attitude towards dental treatments
  • Research in education
  • Testing dental materials in different laboratory-animal and clinical Trial phases
  • Examining new dental treatment techniques
  • Checking the quality of dental services in Iran
  • Dental connection with systemic diseases
  • Trauma


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