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Cardiovascular Research Center



Cardiovascular Research Center with the Essential aim of expanding clinical research in the field of Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases in 2014 with the deputy of research and technology, Evaluation and Expansion of the Medical Sciences Universities of Iran started its operations. .The center officially started its activities in the Shafa Hospital in 2017. The Cardiovascular Research Center currently has 6 full-time faculty members, 6 part-time faculty members, one statistician, and one full-time research-evaluation-related expert. The Center has taken advantage of all available capacities to develop and apply knowledge in the following areas:

  • Performing epidemiological, fundamental, clinical and applied research and designing and implementing interventional projects in the field of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Approval of 20 research projects in the University Research Council in 1974-93
  • Partnership with other university research centers in the field of cardiovascular human resources training, holding short and long term cardiovascular courses and presenting research-educational workshops.
  • Production of valid and relevant knowledge and dissemination of research results for information, education in the framework of policies and goals of the Center and the University.


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