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Fath Abad Gardens 



Culture and identity of a society can be represented in the architecture and the meanings intertwined with it. In this sense, the architecture and design are the interface for transferring meaning and identity to the nation and future generations. Persian gardens have been evolved through the history of Persian Empire in regard to the culture and beliefs of the society. Persian gardens not only depict-show geometries and shapes; but also manifest different design elements, each representing a specific symbol and its significance among the society.


Fath Abad Garden, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran and a valuable historical place made in Qajar period, during Mohammad Shah's reign, around 1870. It is famous for its architecture and is considered as an architectural masterpiece of Qajar period. Fath Abad Garden is rectangular with approximately 440 meters long and 260 meters wide, stretched from northwest to southwest. According to historians, the plan of this place was used to construct Shazdeh Garden in Mahan.  


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