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Lut Desert




Lut Desert in Kerman province is a part of the larger Lut arid region. LUt desert is situated in the south- eastern of Iran, and covers a total area about 80000 Kerman city borders Lut desert on its eastern side. Lut desert is divided into three sections, the northern, central and Sothern section. The central section is the largest part of Lut desert and also several "kaluts", sand balconies which are removable, in this region that extend from central Lut to West. They are located in an area of 40 km east and north-east od Shahdad. They have been generated by the extreme soil and water erosion and extend from the north-west to south- east of the region. The "Kalouts" cover part of the west edge of Lut desert with an average of 145 km. There is little vegetation in the desert region. In addition to the "Kaluts: there are other beautiful attractions in the east of Kerman, The lowest region of Lut desert to the east of a salt mine called Gowd-e Namak, which is Situated in the west region of the "Kalouts". At this Point, the altitude is a mere 56 m above sea level and is recorded as lowest region in Iran and also the warmest point in the World. The temperature can exceed 65 C in the shade that makes it even hotter than "death Valley" in the United States.








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