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Students with undergraduate degree of the Bachelor of Nursing could apply this program. Students who successfully complete the requirements of this program will be given degree of MSc in Geriatric Nursing.

Definition: Geriatric nursing is a dedicated branch of nursing field that pertaining to older adults. Geriatric nurses work in collaboration with older adults, their families, and communities to support healthy aging, maximum functioning, and quality of life. Geriatric nursing is important to meet the health needs of an aging population.

Geriatric nursing (MSc) program, in compliance with holistic policies are to promote the health of elderlies in the society, trains nurses who deliver health, rehabilitation and social care for elderly population of the society.

The graduates of this program will be able to combine advanced geriatric nursing knowledge with other related specialties and implement geriatric nursing theories with problem solving and evidence-based decision making methods. Graduates of this program will acquire necessary knowledge and skills to deliver nursing care to elderly patient, family and society from prevention to rehabilitation. They also will be able to identify biological, psychological, social, and cultural needs of the patients by using principle of human communication in order to promote the quality of geriatric health and rehabilitation services.


The main purpose of MSc geriatric nursing program is to reduce mortality and health consequences caused by aging through expanding and developing specialized care structures, nursing care processes and training efficient professionals who possess necessary skills and knowledge.



 The main aim of MSc geriatric nursing program is to provide geriatric nursing care for elderly population. This aim will be achieved by training professionals who possess necessary attitude, knowledge, and capabilities in the field of geriatric care such as professional behaviors, communication skills, ability to use information technology, continuous self-education, conduct research, and use its finding in practice, management and promotion of nursing care, problem solving skills, and documenting delivered care and interventions.


 According to the ethic approach and the mission, the main aims of geriatric nursing program include:

  1. Helping  elderly patients and their families to reach maximum practical abilities and personal competence
  2. Providing , maintaining, and promoting  life quality of the elderly people as much as possible
  3. Ensuring  the needs of the elderly patients and their families are met
  4. Promoting the adoptability of the elderly patients and their families with life changes caused by aging process and possible disabilities
  5. Maintaining the elderly client's social performance and her/his presence and participation in the society


Total number of credits: 32 including: Basic and main courses: 7 credits, Specialized courses: 21 credits and  Dissertation: 4 credits


Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Master's
School / Faculty: Nursing and Midwifery
Department: Operating room and anesthesiology
Major (Name Of Program): Geriatric Nursing
This program contact information:
Telephone: +98 5138591511
Fax: +98 5138597313
Mobile: +98 9153033968
Email Address:
Address: School of Nursing and Midwifery, Ibne Sina Street, Doctora Crossroads, Mashhad, Iran, Po Box: 9137913199
Contact Person Name: Dr. ZahraSadat Manzari
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

4-8 semesters; 3 semesters in courses education, 1-5 semesters in research

Language Requirement:

Persian /English

Admission Requirement:

Completion of Bachelor of Nursing

Proficiency in English language

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