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Prosthesis: is an artificial appliance used as a replacement of any body part. Prosthodontics: is the branch of dentistry that pertains to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance, and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth, and/or maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

It may be subdivided into:

1- Fixed prosthesis: is any dental prosthesis securely retained to natural teeth, roots, or dental implant & the patient can’t remove from the mouth.

2- Removable prosthesis: is any dental prosthesis that replace some or all teeth as a partial or complete denture.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Specialty
School / Faculty: Dentistry
Department: prosthodontics and implant dentistry
Major (Name Of Program): prosthodontics and implant dentistry
This program contact information:
Telephone: 0098-51-38829501-15
Fax: 0098-51-38829500
Mobile: 09153113520
Email Address:
Address: Dept. of prosthodontics and implant dentistry, Mashhad Dental School, Vakil Abad Boulevard, Mashhad ,Iran
Contact Person Name: Hamidreza rajati haghi
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

4 years 

Language Requirement:

English and Persian

Admission Requirement:

DDS (Degree of Dentistry)

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