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Periodontology, or periodontics, is the branch of Dentistry studying the supporting structures of teeth, known as the periodontium including the gingiva (gums), alveolar bone, cementum, and the periodontal ligaments. The word comes from the Greek words peri meaning around and odons meaning tooth. Literally taken, it means the study "around the tooth".

periodontist is a dentist especialized in treating diseases of the periodontium.

Periodontal diseases take on many different forms, but is usually a result of bacterial infection of the gums. Untreated, it often leads to tooth loss and alveolar bone loss.

Periodontology also involves the placing of dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Specialty
School / Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Periodontics and implant dentistry
Major (Name Of Program): Periodontics and implant dentistry
This program contact information:
Telephone: 0098-51-38829501-15
Fax: 0098-51-38829500
Mobile: 09155023227
Email Address:
Address: Dept. of Periodontology and implant dentistery, Mashhad Dental School, Vakil Abad Boulevard, Mashhad ,Iran
Contact Person Name: Dr. Amir Moeintaghavi, DDs., Ms.
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

3 years

Language Requirement:

English and persian

Admission Requirement:

DDS (Degree of Dentistry)

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