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The investigation of the influence of fortification on various dairy products on human health: A population-based study

The importance of vitamin D and its role in the population health is increasingly expressed in various studies. Diets with low levels of vitamin D and low exposure to sunlight have increased the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency. The lowest prevalence of vitamin D deficiency has been reported 30% in Iran, and recently its deficiency increased from 20% to 80% in developing countries. Fortification of food products especially dairy products is a known effective approach for reducing vitamin D deficiency rate in populations. Encapsulation of vitamin D in order to fortify low-fat dairy products can reduce undesirable organoleptic changes and may increase the stability of vitamin D.

Aim: Several studies suggested that vitamin D status can improve population health; cardiovascular diseases, Liver and kidney disorders, diabetes and hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and infection. Therefore, the present study is conducting to formulate and fortify various low fat dairy products with high consumption rate among consumers through using microcapsules of vitamin D to assess various clinical signs, biochemical factor, genetic factors, microbiomes and other relevant factors before and after intervention in adolescents and to settle down an effective fortified product for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
To get more information about the proposed project, please contact the group leader and see our previous publications:

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Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Fellowship
School / Faculty: Medicine
Department: 1- Nutrition 2- New Sciences and Technologies
Major (Name Of Program): fortification of dairy products with vitamin D
This program contact information:
Telephone: 00985138002423
Fax: 009805138002421
Mobile: 00989151676751
Email Address:
Address: Department of Nutrition, School of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran Department of New Sciences and Technologies, School of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran
Contact Person Name: Dr. M Ghayour, Dr. M Hashemi
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

18 months

Language Requirement:


Admission Requirement:

MSc or PhD degree

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