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Operational Research is scientific study of operations with the purpose of making better decisions. Operations Research (OR) is gaining importance in public health interventions and programmes increasingly both nationally and internationally. The focus of this course is to constantly guide the programme (mathematical and statistical methods and computer systems) implementation to achieve best results.
Operations Research in Public Health defined as “Any research producing practically usable knowledge (evidence, findings, information, etc.) which can improve program implementation (e.g. effectiveness, efficiency, quality, access, scale up, sustainability) regardless of the type of research falls within the boundaries of operations research”. It modulates inputs and processes involved in the programme cycle and strive to produce optimal gains in achieving targets and goals. Utilizing the vast range of qualitative and quantitative tools, this explains produced significant results worth applying and testing in the real field.
• To study about the systems, organiztions, institutions, programmes, socio-cultural behavior of the people and economic factors that exist as bottleneck to effective implementation.
• To develop more effective approaches to the programmes.
• To secure optimum utilization of resources.
• Identifying problems in a timely manner,
• generating evidence based solutions.
• act according more effective and feasible solution.
• yield maximum benefit in public health
Teaching Methods: Lecture, Individual Activities, Case Studies, Questions and Answers, mathematical and statistical methods and computer systems, modeling
Training Content:
 Secondary data analysis
Participants will understand how analyzing retrospective record reviews, utilizing data that is already generated in the programmes.
 Primary Level Research
Participants will able to implement and manage Exploratory/diagnostic studies, Intervention studies, Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as implement Economic /cost effective Analysis.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Non-Degree Based
Level Of study: Short-Term Course
School / Faculty: Health
Department: Health Education and Health Promotion
Major (Name Of Program): Operations Research in Public Health
This program contact information:
Telephone: 00985131892201
Mobile: 00989155026195
Email Address:
Address: Department of Health Education and Health Promotion, Faculty of Health, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran
Contact Person Name: Dr Nooshin Peyman
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

10 sessions

Language Requirement:

Farsi, English

Admission Requirement:

The course is designed for Master PhDs students, academic staff, national and international health officers and their counterpart advisers and assistants who are involved in the implementation of public health programs. Computer literacy and experience with data systems will be an advantage.

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