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At the end of the course, the applicant is expected to have a new attitude toward the diagnosis and selection of case for endodontics surgery, understanding the principles of apical surgery and magnification as wells as finding the ability to perform endodontics surgery.

Number of sessions: 10 sessions

1- Theoretical part: 2 sessions

Subject: Apical surgery (principals)

 Book chapters:

-systemic from Ingle's Endodontic

-Local anesthesia from Cohen's Pathways of the pulp

-Endodntics surgery from Ingle's Endodontic& Cohen's Pathways of the pulp



2- Theoretical training of  microscope and ergonomics: 1 session
-Practical training with microscope: 1 session
-Training the principals of endodontics surgery on sheep’s jaw: 1 session
3-Practical training
-observation of surgery: 1 session
- Assistant surgeon in two surgery : 2 sessions
-Performing  surgery: 1session
-Suture removal and patient evaluation: 1 session

Basic Information:
Program Type: Non-Degree Based
Level Of study: Short-Term Course
School / Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Endodontics
Major (Name Of Program): Endodontics Surgery
This program contact information:
Telephone: 0098-51-38829501-15
Fax: 0098-51-3882950
Mobile: 0098-915-313-0366
Email Address:
Address: Endodontics Department, Mashhad Dental School, Vakil Abad Boulevard, Mashhad ,Iran
Contact Person Name: Siavash Moushekhian, DDS, MS
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

10 sessions

Language Requirement:


Admission Requirement:

Completion of endodontics Residency

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