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Applied laser in dentistry by providing clinical cases

In general, laser application in dentistry is mainly assisted by conventional and traditional dental treatments such as endodontic treatment and in some cases, alternative therapies such as oral soft tissue surgery.

Of course, in some cases, application of laser is unique in dentistry which greatly contributes to the treatment of patients and dramatically increases patient satisfaction, such as the application of low power laser to control Gag reflex and the patient's nausea which is performed without the need to anesthetize the patient using low-power laser and acupuncture or treatment of some lesions such as vascular lesions without damaging to the epithelium surrounding the lesion and no intraoperative bleeding.

A very important point is that due to the many uses of lasers in various fields of dentistry, the laser cannot be considered as a magic wand that can be used in all dental procedures without the use of conventional methods.

And the level of expectations for the laser application should be perfectly reasonable without considering the false and inaccurate advertisements of business companies that merely intend to sell their products.

This course contains the following concepts:

  1. Applied laser physics in dentistry
  2. Laser safety and necessary measures for eyes, skin and respiratory protection
  3. Laser clinical applications in esthetic and restorative dentistry, orthodontic and endodontic dentistry
  4. clinical applications of laser in dentistry, periodontal surgery and oral maxillofacial diseases, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry

Basic Information:
Program Type: Non-Degree Based
Level Of study: Short-Term Course
School / Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Laser Department
Major (Name Of Program): Clinical Applications of Diode Laser in dentistry by providing clinical cases
This program contact information:
Telephone: 05138420305
Fax: 05138420305
Mobile: 09153595873
Email Address:
Address: Faculty of Dentistry, Azadi Square, Mashhad.
Contact Person Name: Dr. Javad Sarabadani
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

3 months

Language Requirement:


Admission Requirement:


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