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Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders Fellowship is a clinical fellowship derived from the neurology subspecialty whose graduates are involved in prevention, treatment and care of patients with stroke; and they will offer their knowledge and skills in education, research and healthcare services to the society.


1-To train specialists who are up-to-date, competent, responsible, and sensitive to the health of individuals and society in the specialized field of cerebrovascular disorders to provide the society with their expertise in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, education, and research.

2- In next 10 years, we will be among the top countries in the region in terms of educational standards, research productivity and medical services.پ

Specific Competencies and Skills

At the end of the program learners will be competent in the following Procedural Skills (Diagnostic-Therapeutic Measures):

Intravenous thrombolytic administration

Performing advanced neurosonography tests

Working with artificial respiration devices and other intensive care systems

Intracranial pressure monitoring

Cerebral angiography

Thrombolytic arterial therapy

Other vascular neurointerventional treatments such as AVM, aneurysm, mechanical thrombectomy

Angioplasty and Carotid Stent


Cerebrovascular disorders

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Fellowship
School / Faculty: Medicine
Department: Neurology
Major (Name Of Program): Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders
This program contact information:
Telephone: +985138429828
Fax: +985138429828
Mobile: +985138429828
Email Address:
Address: Department of Neurology, Ghaem Hosital, Ahmad Abad Blv., Mashhad, Iran.
Contact Person Name: Dr. Mohsen Foroughipour
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

18 months

Language Requirement:

Persian / English

Admission Requirement:

Specialty in Neurology

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