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Nutrition policies and community-based nutrition programmes are critical to addressing nutritional problems. This programme is intended for government professionals, departments, and non-governmental organizations who are aware of the need to define, justify, design, and evaluate food and nutrition programmes to improve the nutritional status of the community and promote the role of nutrition activists.

Even after advancing in the field of nutrition, the triple burden of malnutrition- the coexistence of food insecurity, undernutrition, and overweight and obesity- remains or has increased in different parts of the world. At least one form of malnutrition affects every country in the world today. In order to address these nutritional issues, it is important to develop and implement community-based nutrition programmes and make evidence-based food and nutrition policies.

In this regard, this course is intended for professionals from government, departments, and nongovernmental organizations who are aware of the need for defining, justifying, designing, and evaluating food and nutrition programmes to improve the nutritional status of the community and promote the role of health activists in providing nutrition services.

Participants will walk away from this course with knowledge and skills for designing, implementing, managing, and evaluating food and nutrition programmes at the community level.

This programme consists of lectures an library based research.The lectures topic are as:


·         Introduction to community nutrition

·         An overview of the main concepts of planning at the community level

·         Causal framework: Determinants of nutritional status of society

·         Community nutrition needs assessment

·         Scientific justification and prioritization of nutrition programme choices

·         Criteria for selecting food and nutrition interventions

·         Steps of designing a community nutrition programme

·         Important considerations in managing the provision of nutrition services at the community level

·         Evaluate the effect of food and nutrition interventions

·         Factors affecting the success of food and nutrition interventions in the community

·         Analysis of case studies of food and nutrition interventions

The research activitiy will be based in Mashhad  medical school , department of  nutrition and urban  health centers in city of Mashhad.

The programme length is 6 months which can be extended  up to one year.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Non-Degree Based
Level Of study: Short-Term Course
School / Faculty: Medicine
Department: Department of Nutrition
Major (Name Of Program): Research fellowship programme in planning and implementing community nutritional interventions
This program contact information:
Telephone: 0098 51 38002411
Fax: 0098 51 38002421
Mobile: 00447493687150 (WhatsApp contact)
Email Address:
Address: Department of Nutrition, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences , Mashhad, Iran
Contact Person Name: Dr. Golnaz Ranjbar
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

6 months (max 12 months)

Language Requirement:

English or Persion

Admission Requirement:

If you are applying, you must hold a Ph.D., MPH, MPhil, MD or be a faculty member in a nutrition-related field


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