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In The Name of God

In coincidence with the city of Qom is a province and along with promotion of Qom health care community, a subordinate center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and in charge of health care system in Qom before then, to School of Medicine and Medical Services, the Qom University of Medical Sciences was established in 1996.

At the same time, the written agreement on establishing School of Nursing and School of Public Health was announced by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and then in 1997 the school officially began to work by admitting students for BS in nursing.
Then in 1998, the Development Center for Medical Universities agreed upon admitting students in Environmental Health by this school and the first group of mentioned students began their educational course in February 1999. 

The establishment of the School of Medicine was the result of a ratification by the Development Center for Medical Universities agreeing upon admitting a series of medical students in 2003 and following that a final agreement on establishing the school of medicine in August 2004. 
The first group of medical students was admitted and began their courses in October 2004. Finally and regarding a request by the dean of Qom School of Medicine and Health Services, the development center for medical universities made an agreement upon promoting this school to the Qom University of Medical Sciences and Health Services on 2 January 2005. 

This is considered a turning point in the history of health care activities and medical training in Qom province which may provide a background for the future evolution and entail the faster progress and improvement of this university, particularly in medical education by the efforts of Professors, students and the people in charge. 

At present, Qom University of Medical Sciences consists of 7 faculties (Medicine, Dentistry, Iranian medicine, Paramedicine, Nursing & Midwifery, Health, and Health and religion), 9 hospitals (Hazrat Zahra, Kamkar& Arab Nia, Nekooei Hedayati, Izadi, Fatemieh, Shohada, Special Clinic, Shahid-Beheshti, and Hazrat Masoomeh), 203 academic staff (Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor), and approximately 1912 students. 

This university is responsible for educating students in various majors of medicine, conducting medical academic and clinical researches as well as holding scientific and academic seminars and conferences and offering health care services.




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