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The faculty of health and religion has been stablished in order to Develop and deepen interdisciplinary studies in the common areas between health sciences and religious sciences and started to admit and train students, only at postgraduate level, by adopting a research-led education strategy.

 The purpose of this faculty, is training experts who research and educate by having a good recognition of both areas of health sciences and religious sciences in order to recognize and Eliminate existing issues in fields like Philosophical, theological and religious fundamental beliefs, legal and Jurisprudential issues, Medical and Professional Ethics and etcetera.

 The audience of this faculty are not only the admitted students but also the Scholars who will be attracted among academic members, students, scholars and other Health professionals in order to take different Educational and research  courses.

Being awareness of its interdisciplinary nature, this faculty have a close relationship with active religious and educational centers in the fields of Islamic and human sciences, and will follow its educational and research activities in common with the approach of utilizing all of mentioned capabilities.

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