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Iranian traditional medicine

The course of Iranian traditional medicine is a branch of medical sciences, during which selected general practitioners can get familiar with usual methods and principles of prevention, treatment, applied and innovative education and research in traditional medicine of Iran. So besides utilizing the latest information of classic medicine in cases that applying traditional medicine is good for patient, society and promotion of human knowledge, they can use this method to supply, restore and promote patient and society's health.

The mission of this course is to train a group of physicians who are graduated from official courses of medical doctorate  in one of the reputable medicine faculties in or outside of the country, so that after passing an official period (Ph.D.), beside utilizing advanced knowledge and technology of the day, they can use assured experiences and special information of Iranian traditional medicine to treat patients, prevent diseases and upgrade society's health with reducing unnecessary expenses and side effects of medications and methods of treating, and by in-depth researches, they will be able to  help to upgrade medical sciences and clinical skills and provide extensive field of educations and research in higher levels.

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