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The faculty of dentistry of this university was established in April 2011 and formally started to work by accepted 20 students in October 2011. Currently, 180 students are studying in this faculty in our Educational Departments include:

  Oral and maxillofacial diseases
  Maxillofacial surgery and Radiology
  Restorative Dentistry
  Dental Prostheses




  We intend to make the  Faculty of Dentistry one of the top colleges in the country in terms of education, research and health services.




The Faculty of Dentistry, with its specialized staff, committed students, excellent physical facilities and the benefit of religious teachings, efficient human resources training, promotion of oral health and quality of life of the community considers its main missions as following:


1- Training capable, efficient and responsive graduates


2- Committed to professional social ethics and appropriate to Iranian culture


3. Efforts to produce useful sciences and role in the health system in order to provide, maintain and improve the oral health of the community through the provision of various preventive and treatment services.


4- Participation in updating professional knowledge and skills of graduates working in the province


5. Establishment and development of fundamental and applied research


6- Participation in the provision of practical, diagnostic and hospital dental services


7. Partnering with effective centers for oral health



8. Qualification of EDO-focused, specialized public education courses





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