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WHY CHOOSE Zanjan University of medical sciences?


At the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, our goal is to give you more than an education. We want to provide you with the kind of knowledge, skills and confidence needed in your future professional life, but that can also contribute to solving global challenges. If you are looking for high quality education, find out why to choose the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.


Inspiring study environment

The campuses of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences are functional and offer diverse study and learning environments. You can study in versatile classrooms and benefit from state-of-the-art laboratories. There is also a modern library in the central campus. You can immerse yourself in discussions with fellow students and faculty members in the campus, virtual spaces or meeting places specially designed for co-creation.

As a student at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, you have access to different electronic learning platforms and study materials are available in the library of the campus.

Due ot the inspiring study environment at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, this is our mission to see international students of the university rank our learning spaces, technology and our laboratories a top position.


A wide range of MSc and PhD degree programmes

The Zanjan University of Medical Sciences offers different MSc and PhD programmes in English. The scope of the programmes is to be completed with two years of full-time study. The wide variety of minor subject options allows a multidisciplinary approach and enables you to tailor your degree based on your own interests and strengths. All programmes are closely linked to our research efforts that are vital to the future of humankind and aim to give you the knowledge and skills needed in your professional life.

Doctoral education at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is carried out under the supervision of motivated researchers in different schools. English is the primary language of study in doctoral education. 

Please note that at the moment the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences does not offer any Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in English.


Equal­ity and re­spect for diversity

Equality is one of the guiding values of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences. The university is committed to and intends to be a forerunner in the promotion of equality, prevention of discrimination and in creating an atmosphere of respect for diversity. It recognises and eliminates practices and structures that create and sustain inequality. Equality and accessibility contribute to the quality of a multicultural and multilingual university community.


Sup­port for your ca­reer

A degree from a top ranking university of iran gives numerous opportunities for your future professional life, and building your own career path begins already during your studies. What are your career goals and how can you reach them?

Professors at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences can guide and support you from the start of your studies. Their services include career guidance and counselling, courses and events, and facilitation of mentoring groups for PhD students. 

The goverment and university provide a platform for testing business ideas and movinf towards the establishement of start-up companies through the mentorship of skilled individuals.


Learn from young and motivated scientists

For PhD students all teaching at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is strongly a combination of research- and course-based education. Our philosophy is: “All teachers are researchers and all researchers teach". It means that when studying with us, you learn from teachers familiar with cutting-esdge science. Students and researchers work together and the professors and teachers are easily approachable for discussions and informal consultations. This interaction between students and other researchers is an essential part of the academic life at the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences.


Blooming student life with good benefits

Student life is an important part of your study experience. At the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, student life blooms since you are likely to find like-minded people and the right activities for you.

Although life in Zanjan might be different from the country of your origin, the students will be quided to get familiar with Iranian culture for an easier life during their residency in Iran. Besides, you will have access to affordable student housing, basic health care services and student-priced meals as well as sports facilities.


Zanjan, a great city for students

Zanjan, a city located in the north of iran, is a safe and cheap city. The beautiful green areas and wild nature of the Zanjan is a unique opportunity for outdorr activities of students.



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