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 School of Medicine


School of Medicine started its academic activities in 1987(1366) by admitting medical students. In addition to the students of general medicine, this school trains residents in 12 specialties including Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology and Radiology. The only subspecialty training includes Endocrinology. Besides, PhD students are being trained in Molecular Medicine, Biotechnology and Parasitology. Master’ s degree in Clinical Biochemistry , Parasitology, Biotechnology, Human Genetics, Physiology, Medical Entomology and Vector Control, Microbiology, Clinical Psychology, and Anatomy are among the fields one can select to study  in this school.
The current building of the School of Medicine with an infrastructure of around 12000 m2 was completed in 1990 taking into account generous contributions of the late Ahmad Mahdavi. Theoretical classrooms lie on the central building on two floors consisting of four classrooms seating 50 students, and three classrooms seating 100 students, all equipped with video projector systems. Razi Seminar Room seats 43 people and Ibn-e-Sina conference hall seats 200 people both of which are equipped with multimedia systems, huge halls alongside the classrooms provide easy access to the office, laboratory and educational spaces; and different floors and prevent congestion around the classrooms.
The central building, regardless of the study rooms, lecture rooms, etc can provide educational services for 1200 students simultaneously as completed in the three educational and health centers of Vali-e-Asr, Ayatollah Mousavi, and Shahid Beheshti.
The school library with 9460 English and Persian book titles, and two computer sets provide access to the library resources; and with printer and  copy services make the resources available inside the library. Students informatics center with 7 computer sets and a printer is open to the students from 8a.m. to 2 p.m. The students are provided with user accounts on arrival , to use the internet for a limited time. Moreover, the school is equipped with an electronic exam site consisting of 120 computer systems for electronic exams.

Address: Faculty of Medicine, Zanjan University of Medical Science, Mahdavi Blvd, Shahrak-e Karmandan, Zanjan
Phone: 024 - 331400
Fax: 024-33449553

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