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School of Paramedical & Health


Zanjan School of Public Health and Paramedics started its activity in 1992. The building was a longstanding building, which was originally a dormitory and then changed to the office building and eventually turned into the  Health and Paramedics School.
The schools is  making all endeavors towards augmenting the standard of paramedical & allied health sciences education and training on scientific lines, updating curricula and conducting examinations in a merit based, transparent manner.
This school  to some extent  ensures production of highly skilled paramedical human resources based on skills, knowledge and competence taking into account  ethics for becoming a useful member of society. According to its own distinctive requirements, in the course of time, the number of fields have shown an increase.The overall goal is serving humanity by raising competent  and knowledgable inidividuals.
Paramedical Science leads to a career in which much of the learning calls for the extension of a relationship between theory and practice. Practical knowledge is a vital constituent of the curriculum, giving students the prospect to use  decision-making skills and clinical judgment simultaneously to carry out the line of work in an impeccable manner.
Our academic programs can prepare the students  for an advanced degree at a four-year period. If you want to enter the workforce right after your graduation, you’ll get the skills you need through our certificate. You can get in touch with our Academic Advisement International affairs Office to find out  more. It  is expected to bring a paradigm in  raising the standard and quality of education, training and examination of paramedical and allied health professionals that is in line with the contemporary needs and developments.
In the meantime, the Paramedical program at ZUMS prepare graduates for the future roles of paramedics, in engineering and industrial  aspects of healthcare.
Our program has been designed by paramedics  School members who appreciate the medical setting that alumni will face. Whats and Hows of teaching  are learned via  experience of real-world paramedics, as well as by research into teaching and pre-hospital care.
Areas in which our trained paramedics can work include:

  • Industrial and resource sectors;
  • Community health;
  • Aeromedical retrieval;
  • Common practice;
  • International aid;
  • Premeditated care.
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