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International Branch


Toward quality and quantity advancement of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (ZUMS), particularly in recent decade, the university policy makers came to the decision of providing further facilities in order to admit talented students amongst thousands of applicants who are interested in studying in ZUMS. Due to the limitation of the University public budgets, this new academic space could be opened only by virtue of receiving tuitions from the admitted applicants.

This decision led to establishment of a new branch in October 2013 upon receiving the accredited consent from the Ministry of Health & Medical Education, entitled "International Branch of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences". It was aimed to admit both national and international students; however, upon launching this institution, the opportunities were fully occupied by the young talented home students.

Renamed in 2014, as "autonomous Branch", the institution moved ahead toward rendering extended educational services in pursuance of leading to degrees in different disciplines including medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. Another reason for altering the title of the International Branch, was the ZUMS plan of moving towards the internationalization of the whole university which is currently going forward.


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