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Research centers

ZUMS puts great emphasis on supporting research in different fields of medicine. The following research centers have been established over the last decade:

   ✜ Zanjan Metabolic Disease Research Center   

   ✜‌Zanjan Social Determinants of Health Research Center  

    ✜Cancer Gene Therapy Research Center (CGRC)
   ✜ Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Research Center
    ✜Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Research Center 

The main research interests are as following:

-Target and drug discovery for Neurodegenerative diseases, genetic disorders and cancer 

-Natrual compound discovery (lipopeptides, polyketides,...)


    ✜Chronic Wound Research Center   

    ✜ Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Educational Center  


Six additional research centers have been either opened recently or are near completion:


Fertility Research Center

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Research Center

Research Center for Accident and Trauma

Research Center for Infectious and Local Endemic Diseases

Research Center for Neurosciences

Research Center for Water and Bioenvironment



School of Pharmacy is a well equipped center to perform variety of research projects, including development of liposomal drug delivery system, modeling solubility, mechanisms of cell toxicity, development of plant in vitro culture, tissue engineering, pharmaceutical chemistry, and antimalarial drug studies.

Development Center for Pharmaceutical Technologies: established in the School of Pharmacy, it actively supports the researchers' projects and original findings.

Several research laboratories in the university, including the Central Research Lab, are equipped for experimental projects.



ZUMS hosts for a technology park and two incubator centers:

Health Tech incubator

Drug technologies incubator



Scientific Journals:


An international English journal, entitled: Controlled Release Journal, is currently published as an open access journal (

Another accredited journal called Journal of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences & Health Services is published in Persian with abstracts in English that are indexed in some data banks, including Scopus: (


Journal of Medical Education, which currently publishes national articles on medical education.

Nursing and Midwifery Journal is another national publication that focuses on research in nursing and midwifery related issues.

Journal of Human, Environment and Health Promotion (JHEHP) is a quarterly open access, online & offline, peer reviewed journal published by Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (School of Public Health).


Journal of emergency care is to provide information about health care for emergency patients. Cardiovascular events, Accidents, and Cancers are the main intentions of this Journal.

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