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According to the writings of historians and geographers, Abadan once had a reputation for sailing and touring. The fame of Abadan in the first century AH, was mostly related to caravans, shrines, and mosques, as well as to the tomb attributed to Khidr and Elias. The tomb still exists, which is why Abadan has long been called the al-Khidr island. Abadan fell out of the village during the Abbasid period and became a small town. Throughout history, the Ottomans and Iran have always been at odds over the occupation. At the end of the thirteenth century AH, Abadan flourished because of the existence of oil. Abadan was gradually destroyed by the 6th and 6th centuries and lost its commercial importance as it advanced along the coast.

Historic Monuments, Pilgrimage and Recreational Places

Abadan is one of the oldest cities in Iran with natural, historical, tourism, commercial and spiritual beauties.

Abadan's sights are:

The beautiful beaches of the Arvand and Bahmanshir rivers, which with the primitive cognition can be used for their unique places for fishing and recreation. Abadan's historical sites include Abadan Church, Rangoon Mosque, Farhang Square (Alfi), Abadan Museum, Museum of Historical and Linear Documents, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shirin Cinema, Oil Cinema, Bovardeh and Breim Districts and Abadan Oil Refinery. Abadan has one of the oldest oil refineries in the world, named after the Abadan Oil School, each of which has a telling history. With the approval of the Arvand Free Trade Zone, surely one of the attractions of Abadan for visitors will be the commercial attractions. The shrines of Khidr Nabi and Sayyid Abbas are also important places of worship in Abadan.

Programs Spotlight
Publication of 3 official articles of the faculty

According to the public relations of the Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Technology of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, and quoting the Department of scientometrics, 3 separate articles by Dr. Farshid Ghanbari, Dr. Mostafa Mahdavianpour and Dr. Forootan; Faculty members have been published in Q1 journals

Launching the industrial safety laboratory of Abad
The Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Technology of Abadan University of Medical Sciences announced the launch of the Industrial Safety and Ergonomics Laboratory of this faculty.
Dr. Sara Mubarak in an interview with Webda reporter in Abadan this morning said: "Due to the necessity of the educational needs of the students of Abadan University of Medical Sciences and considering the follow-ups of the professional health group of this faculty, this laboratory was equipped and set up."
Corona native native guideline setup in Abadan Uni
According to the report of the Public Relations of the Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Technology of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, for this purpose, a meeting was held with the presence of Dr. Shokrallah Salmanzadeh; Head of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Sara Mubarak; The Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Technology, a group of specialists in infectious diseases of the lungs and some administrators of this faculty were held on Tuesday, March 27, at the Deputy Minister of Education.
Dr. Salmanzadeh, Dr. Mubarak, Dr. Eslami, Dr. Mehdizadeh and Dr. Lotfi; Infectious Diseases Specialists and Dr. Talebzadeh; Undergoing lung specialization, the attending physicians were present at the meeting to prepare a comprehensive and indigenous guideline for controlling the coronavirus in the area covered by Abadan University of Medical Sciences, taking into account aspects of the disease and regional conditions.
Peer education
The professors of this faculty have used senior students who are mastered on procedures for practicing and organizing students' problems in order to practice and learn more lessons of practical principles and procedures, and part of their grades depends on the practicing with peerinstructors.
seniorThe senior student majoring incourse of operating roomis teaching the freshman students


Holding practical examinations
valEvaluation of cognitive and psychological competencies of medical students and other paramedical levels
esDesigning and conducting tests of OSCE for students with different medical courses (ICM) and final exam of internship section and other disciplines (nursing, Operating room technology, anesthesia, medical emergencies)
udStudents assessment with other assessment methods


Available capacities at the Clinical Skills Center
uSufficient space (four multipurpose rooms, simulation of one room for intensive care, one scrub room, simulation ofone anesthetic room and operating room, Specialty site for OSCEexam and Practice Procedures including 8 acoustic chambers and equipment, medical moulage and mannequins store, Instruments and equipment store) for use by the training center.
All of these spaces are equipped with advanced CCTV cameras.


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