MUBabol, 4th of Iran in Times Higher Education (TH Admission of 900 new students at Babol University Breaking Record of World Skipping Rope The first cochlear implant on an adult in Mazandar Meals in Ramadan Year of Production, Knowledge-base and employment Launching the newest electronic dissection desk at The Red Crescent Student Association of MUBabol Dr. Mozaffarpour The top researchers of MUBabol were honored National and Asian rope skipping record  broke in Japanese Muslim Red Crescent Camp In Top 2% MUBabol2 MUBabol1 MUBabol Library MUB School Of Dentistry

MUBabol, 4th of Iran in Times Higher Education (THE)

Record of world skipping rope broken by an employee of Babol University of Medical Sciences

The first cochlear implant on an adult in Mazandaran

Nutritional advice during the days of fasting during the Corona

For the first time in the north of the country / Launching the newest electronic dissection desk at MUBabol

The Red Crescent Student Association of MUBabol was selected as the top center of the Ministry of Health

We will work with empathy for the progress of the university.

The top researchers of MUBabol were honored

National and Asian rope skipping record set by an employee of MUBabol

I became a Muslim so that the Prophet (PBUH) would be my religious father and Fatima (PBUH) my name.

The student camp of the Red Crescent Society of MUBabol in the eastern Bandapi was held.

The presence of 11  MUBabol researchers in the list of the top 2% of global scientists in the Stanford University rankings

MUBabol Campus

Campus of Babol University of Medical Sciences

MUBabol Central Library

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Road Ahead

Babol University of Medical Sciences (MUBabol), as one of the  most reputable universities in north of Iran and an influential figure in the region, as well as the wellknown hub of Pediatric diseases in the Middle East, the hub of Trauma and diabetic patients in Iran, displays a good role to teach students who are interested in treating patients and improve their skills in case of urgent conditions.

Programs Spotlight
Study Medical-Surgical Nursing at MUBabol
Medical-Surgical Nursing is a branch of nursing in which the health and disease of adult clients are of the main concern. Graduates of this program can act more effectively in hospitals as well as other communities to prevent diseases and provide care. 
The graduates can fulfill various tasks from prevention to rehabilitation in order to maintain and promote health and provide efficient care in case of diseases or accidents.
It is a valuable experience   to perform the program in Islamic Republic of Iran. The curriculum, updated in recent years, would be well-matched with ever-changing needs of developing countries and newly-emerging diseases around the globe.
Study Geriatric Nursing at MUBabol
Geriatric Nursing is a branch of nursing in the framework of holistic care and health promotion policies for the elderly. The graduates provide specialist services to the elderly, including health promotion practices, rehabilitation services and social welfare assistance.   
The graduates are expert enough to provide effective care, from prevention to rehabilitation, for the elderly, their families and the society, at large.  They are able to diagnose the biological, psychological, social as well as cultural needs of the elderly and perform appropriate interventions, like specific rehabilitation services, to promote the quality of their health, by developing principles of good human relationships.    
The program intends to provide efficient nursing care to the elderly by graduates with necessary knowledge, attitude, and capabilities in this field. Accordingly, old people and their families can attain their highest potentials in function and competency. They can have, maintain and promote their quality of life as far as possible. In addition, due measures are adopted to fulfill their special needs and their coping behaviors with life changes (due to age process and possible disabilities) are supported. In terms of social functioning, they are helped to preserve their essential daily activities by helping them to have an active social presence. 
Study Persian Medicine at MUBabol

The School of Traditional Medicine develops activities on Traditional Medicine and aims to provide students with the opportunity to promote their skills both in theory and practice in different fields of Clinical Traditional Medicine as well as Material Medicine.

The BUMS School of Traditional Medicine acquired its licence in (2012) as the forth of its kind in Iran.

At present,this school only accepts students from residents,general physicians,specialists,and ultra-specialists for a clinical ph.D course.

Study Physiotherapy at MUBabol

Babol University of Medical Sciences started the initial measures in 1991 to launch the field of physiotherapy. The total activities of the university officials during consecutive years eventually led to the establishment of a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy in 2008 and the admission of 20 students. It was officially inaugurated by Dr. Prof. Samiei in 2016. The area of ​​the faculty is 2750 square meters and it has theoretical, practical, amphitheater and library classes and independent rooms for professors and group leaders.

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