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Admission requirements for a foreign student in Babol University of Medical Sciences


International Affairs Management

General policy of Babol University of Medical Sciences Creating suitable conditions for admission of foreign students, especially from neighboring countries through Providing the necessary infrastructure, strengthening scientific strength, developing clinical education spaces and facilitating student admission. In this The International Affairs Department of the University is responsible for all administrative affairs of foreign students from the time of sending the admission form until the announcement of graduation to the relevant authorities.

Admission requirements:


  • Having non-Iranian citizenship

The application of those applicants with a refugee card in Iran or foreign nationals who have Iranian ancestors and have already completed all pre-university education (including 12 years of primary and secondary education) outside Iran can be considered by the Admissions Committee for International Students.


1. Applicants with special conditions (physical, mental) to enter any field / section as stated in the test booklet in the country should proceed as follows:

2.Complete the application form available at the English website of MUBabol

3.Provide the necessary documents according to the requested field / section and as follows:

Qualifications in which the field of study, the date of graduation, the place of study and the applicant's grades are stated. The score can be based on English letters (A, B, C…), GPA percentage, qualitative description or a score out of 20.
Undergraduate applicants must submit a high school diploma and postgraduate applicants must have completed the previous two degrees.

4.  Passport valid for at least 6 month

5. Photo (Recently taken)

6. Motivation Letter: This letter must be prepared by the applicant in English and it must indicate the applicant's motivation to apply for the desired field and university. Also, the applicant's abilities in different fields such as computer or different technologies should be expressed. This document is mandatory for postgraduate applicants and optional for undergraduate applicants.
7. Recommendation Letter: This letter must be written by at least two professors who have full knowledge of the applicant's education, research abilities, communication skills and creativity. This document is only required for postgraduate applicants.

8. Resume or CV: The applicants must provide a relatively complete description of their education, work experience, research activities and scientific publications. This degree is mandatory for postgraduate applicants and optional for undergraduate applicants.

Study Language

Teaching will be in Persian, but having an English language degree is required.


  • English language: It is imperative that applicants have an English language certificate at the time of registration. For undergraduate courses IELTS Academic minimum score 5.5, TOEFL iBT minimum score 69 and TOEFL PBT minimum score 525 and for Postgraduate courses, academic IELTS minimum score 6, TOEFL iBT minimum score 69 and TOEFL PBT minimum score 525.

If Applicants do not have a degree in English, they must take the leveling tests approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education; if accepted, they will be given an exemption certificate, and if not accepted, they need to participate in English language classes (based on the specified level).

  • Persian language: Students of the clinical fields (such as MD and DDS) in which direct contact with the patients or clients is a must, according to their curriculum, need to take Persian language courses and acquire the necessary competencies.

Note: In order to confirm the acquisition of competency, participation in the SAMFA test (standard assessment of Persian language skills) is required.

 Expenses related to studying at this university

Tuition fees at this university will include tuition and accommodation and welfare fees. Tuition will be received according to the table below and it is possible to increase it annually by a maximum of 15%.

Degree Annual tuition
General Medicine and Pharmacy  
General Dentistry  
Undergraduate courses 2000

* All the mentioned figures are in US Dollars.
* It is possible to increase the tuition fee by a maximum of 10% in the clinical course of dentistry and pharmacy.
Accommodation and welfare expenses will be received according to the table below and there is an annual increase of up to 20%.

Type of service Annual fee
Accommodation in a student dormitory and
Accident insurance
Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  

* All the mentioned figures are in  US Dollars.
* It is possible to provide special welfare services for the applicant students, by paying the relevant fee.

Programs Spotlight
Study Medical-Surgical Nursing at MUBabol
Medical-Surgical Nursing is a branch of nursing in which the health and disease of adult clients are of the main concern. Graduates of this program can act more effectively in hospitals as well as other communities to prevent diseases and provide care. 
The graduates can fulfill various tasks from prevention to rehabilitation in order to maintain and promote health and provide efficient care in case of diseases or accidents.
It is a valuable experience   to perform the program in Islamic Republic of Iran. The curriculum, updated in recent years, would be well-matched with ever-changing needs of developing countries and newly-emerging diseases around the globe.
Study Geriatric Nursing at MUBabol
Geriatric Nursing is a branch of nursing in the framework of holistic care and health promotion policies for the elderly. The graduates provide specialist services to the elderly, including health promotion practices, rehabilitation services and social welfare assistance.   
The graduates are expert enough to provide effective care, from prevention to rehabilitation, for the elderly, their families and the society, at large.  They are able to diagnose the biological, psychological, social as well as cultural needs of the elderly and perform appropriate interventions, like specific rehabilitation services, to promote the quality of their health, by developing principles of good human relationships.    
The program intends to provide efficient nursing care to the elderly by graduates with necessary knowledge, attitude, and capabilities in this field. Accordingly, old people and their families can attain their highest potentials in function and competency. They can have, maintain and promote their quality of life as far as possible. In addition, due measures are adopted to fulfill their special needs and their coping behaviors with life changes (due to age process and possible disabilities) are supported. In terms of social functioning, they are helped to preserve their essential daily activities by helping them to have an active social presence. 
Study Persian Medicine at MUBabol

The School of Traditional Medicine develops activities on Traditional Medicine and aims to provide students with the opportunity to promote their skills both in theory and practice in different fields of Clinical Traditional Medicine as well as Material Medicine.

The BUMS School of Traditional Medicine acquired its licence in (2012) as the forth of its kind in Iran.

At present,this school only accepts students from residents,general physicians,specialists,and ultra-specialists for a clinical ph.D course.

Study Physiotherapy at MUBabol

Babol University of Medical Sciences started the initial measures in 1991 to launch the field of physiotherapy. The total activities of the university officials during consecutive years eventually led to the establishment of a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy in 2008 and the admission of 20 students. It was officially inaugurated by Dr. Prof. Samiei in 2016. The area of ​​the faculty is 2750 square meters and it has theoretical, practical, amphitheater and library classes and independent rooms for professors and group leaders.

Study D.D.S at MUBabol

The School of Dentistry has more than (70) faculty members who provide service for the students of General Dentistry and residents of the subspecialists and dentistry.

Academic Program for the undergraduates is Doctor of Dental Surgery(D.D.S) with the duration of (6) years.

School of Dentistry Dean:Dr.Ehsan Mo'odi (Assistant Professor/specialist D.D.S radiology of mouth).

Study Medicine at MUBabol

The Medical School has comprehensive programs on clinical sciences covering M.D.,Residency(speciality and sub-speciality),and fellowship programs.

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