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Department of Health Services Management

Introduction: Nowadays, one of the main challenges of the health system is health system management that affects the rest of health sections. To achieve the 20- year vision of health sectors indicators There aren’t any way other than careful, scientific and evidence based planning and just institutes and colleges can do these tasks  by  educating and training efficient staffs for managing of the health systems .

In this context, Bam University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, with experts in the Health Services Management Department, announced its readiness to establish the School of Health.

After approval of the Supreme Council of Universities Expansion in 1391(2012), The department was established at the site of the School of Health and its activities officially started from 1391 Mehr (2012 September).

The school currently consists of Department of Health Services Management with BSc education programme. The school can play a vital role in improving and promotion of the health management system.

Currently, one of the main challenges facing the health system is health system management that affects the other health sectors. As Peter Drucker says the problem of health system is management, not lack of technology. To reach the indices of national 20- year planning vision, health sectors require careful and evidence based planning that well educated staff with all the special skills needed for health systems administration can just do it. As mentioned above, our society currently requires more investment in the training of expert staff associated with skill of management of the health sector (education, research, planning and implementation). Health Services Management Department was launched in order to establish the scientific and academic management in the health sector, and to undertake research for identifying and solving problems of the health system.

Mission: Generating and developing knowledge and training students in the fields of health management.




1) Building capacity and developing professional workforce required by the Healthcare Systems.

 2) Become a model in the fields of health management in the region.

 3) Achieving optimized policymaking solutions to improve and develop health status of the society.


Head of department:


Mohammad Javad Akbarian (Assistant Professor of Health Management)


Academic members:


Sajad Khosravi (Assistant Professor of Health Services Management)

Behzad Mohammadi (Instructor of health Economics)

Rahil Ghorbani Nia (Instructor Health Services Management)


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