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Other educational facilities of the university for students are Auditorium Hall, Conference Hall, and the Central library with a remarkable number of books both in print and e-form. There is also a research section in the library with a large number of theses and dissertations written in Persian and English.



A View of the Conference Hall





Study Area  of the Library


The library is also equipped with computers to make internet access and surfing possible for its members.

Another View of the Central Library



Along with the above mentioned facilities, JUMS is quite active in the field of publications. Journals published by JUMS include the seasonal Pars Scientific and Research Journal aimed at clinical, laboratorial and experimental researches; also the seasonal Education and Ethics in Nursing. The mentioned journals are published in Persian and English and are available in print and in electronic formats.  


These journals are supposed to be indexed in PubMed, Scopus, and isi categories soon.

There are a number of other journals which are published monthly, seasonally or six monthly by different bodies and committees of the university. Shin is one of them, which is published in English by students. 


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