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Parasitology is the study of parasite organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms, insects, and parasitic diseases, and their impact on host species. Due to the ever-changing relationship between parasites and hosts, parasitology is a dynamic and diverse field of study.

Scientists of parasitology make invaluable contributions to the advancement of science and our understanding of the biological life. They explore how parasites contest with other organisms available in their host to survive; find ways to exterminate epidemics and endemic diseases and many more duties.

Based on the teachings and trainings included in the curriculum of parasitology, a graduate student will be able to function effectively in two major areas of understanding, identifying ecological factors associated with parasitic diseases of man, domestic and wild animals as well as applying appropriate methods, techniques and procedures to diagnose, control and eradicate parasitic diseases of man, domestic and wild animals.  


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