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Academic internationalization is one of the most important drives in the context of medical education. In particular, it gives the opportunity to create a favorable learning environment that takes into account the global challenges health professionals are currently facing.


KAUMS believes that internationalization is a highway for making higher quality, branding, incoming, and academic credibility. So, our national plan of international development of medical education was designed with the aim of identifying available potentials in all universities of medical sciences, encouraging the development of international standards of medical education, and planning for the utilization of the existing capacity in Islamic Republic of Iran.


With this brief introduction, KAUMS International Affairs Office has been established in 2017 to develop university international policies and agendas. Promoting and facilitating international collaborations in education, research and technology, signing contracts with international institutes to exchange professors and students, making efforts to find scientific, research and therapeutic potentials to meet needs of both sides, planning and organizing congress as well as international seminars in collaboration with other universities in the world and  finally holding short-term workshops for foreign target groups, are our important duties.


Key factors for KAUMS internationalization:

  • Increase in institutional strategies for internationalization
  • Trend towards increased privatization through revenue generation
  • Competitive pressures of globalization
  • Evident shift from (only) cooperation to (more) competition
  • Numbers rising everywhere, with challenge of quantity versus quality
  • Emerging areas of focus are internationalization of the curriculum, transnational education and digital learning.

Overall, having perceived the key benefits and reasons for pursuing internationalization as the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning and preparing students to live and work in a globalized world, KAUMS has officially planed and acted in this area.



International Handbook 2019






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