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Following establishment of Kashan University of Medical Sciences in 1986, the school of allied medical sciences was started in 1992 as a graduate school in the fields of anesthesia, laboratory sciences, and operating room with associate degree. Since 1993, associate degrees of laboratory and medical records were also covered by the school. B.Sc. of laboratory sciences was added to the fields of the school in 1997-1998. Also, B.Sc. of medical records was granted to the school in 2000. The school of allied medical sciences has begun educating students in the fields of radiology, laboratory sciences, and anesthesia at B.Sc. level since 2008-2009. Following conversion of associate degree of medical records to bachelor of health information technology, the school of allied sciences is allowed to accept students at this level from 2009-2010. About 460 students are now studying in this school and over 3811 students have been already graduated. This school stood the second in 2004 among other schools of allied medical sciences in Iran. According to the 43rd approval of the high council for programming of medical sciences in 2010, M.Sc. of the medical records was approved to be known as M.Sc. of health information technology. Consequently, this department was to educate and train students since 2011-2012. Also, based on the 221st session of the Development Councile for Medical Universities in 2012, M.Sc. of medical physics was started and was to accept students since 2011-2012. The school of allied medical sciences with an area about 3000 square meters and three floors is located in the west-south of Kashan University of Medical Sciences. The ground floor includes laboratories, departments, and students' café. In the first floor, there are 6 classrooms, amphitheatre, education office, secretariat office, business office, and faculty break room. The second floor includes library, computer site, departments, and offices of the dean and vice chancellor of education of the school.


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