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Public health department began its activities simultaneously with establishment of the School of Public Health at the Kashan University of Medical Sciences in 1996 and developed along with development of the school.

The responsibility of this department is educating students in both theoretical and practical fields in according to approved programs and predicted headlines so that students get the most up to date information they need. This department trains specially students of public health in BSc degree.

Definition of public health: public health is the main branch of health sciences. It refers to “all organized efforts of society to prevent disease, promote health and prolong life among the population as a whole. Its activities aim to provide conditions in which people can be health”. Graduates of this field have appropriate knowledge and skills to improve the health status of individuals and communities through preventing diseases and promoting health.



The department mission iseducating and training students, who are familiar, believed and committed to the principles of and strategies for protecting and promoting health of communities, families and individuals



Meanwhile learners consolidate their position in the health care and education sectors on the international standards, are able to create employment opportunities and meet the health needs.



1- The learners should be familiar with assessing risk factors, implementing interventions and improving the individual health with appropriate knowledge and skills.

2- The learners should be familiar with environmental, behavioral, and socioeconomic determinants on health to promote the health.

3-  The learner should be knowledged and skilled for some interventions such as community health need assessment, health education and promotion, diseases surveillance, epidemiological control, family health care to improve health indicators.


Occupational positions

The graduates of this field will play these following roles in their future professional positions in the society:

1- Educational role: educating of covered population of health facilities.

2- Research role: helping to applied researches in different fields of health in country.

3- Clinical care role: family health care like: children growth care and prenatal care in the health centers concerning programs which approved by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

4-  Surveillance role: Control of outbreaks of diseases in line with national programs in term of management of communicable and non- communicable diseases.

5-  Management role: management of health posts in the districts health centers.


The way of student admission in academic levels

At the present, students are admitted through national exam for bachelor degree. This course takes 4 years.


Occupational position & future of graduates:

The graduates of this course are employed in the urban health posts and rural and urban health centers. They are also can continue to study in 27 master’s degrees.

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