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About Us

The Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology started in 2012 as an independent group.  Definition : Biostatistics is one of science which has increasingly use in all of research fields.
 Biostatistics is one branch of statistics which its concentration & its emphasis is on developing statics methods & all of these methods that is proposed for solving problems & answering the questions about medial health , genetics & biology.


Main activities

  • Teaching lessons in 3 degrees (bachelor , master & ph.D) in all health faculties of medical universities all over country.
  • Consulting students of different degrees about research plan & thesis.
  • Providing consultancy services to research centers
  • Participating in researches & university projects & other related organization.
  • Conducting public & specialized workshops in the field of statistics & statistical softwares.



We believe that our efforts should lead to training graduates who are number-one in their science , profession & their commitment & everyone is able to be a qualified representative in their future workplace.


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