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The Pediatrics school which is one of the two sections of this department is involved in the dental health care of a specefic section of the community; Since children have a delicate temper, and learningn early oral health care will provide a life long  guarantee of their oral and dental health thus increasing the overall community standards, the students learn the responsibility as well as dental treatments and patient management in this school. Another area of activities in which the pediatrics school is primarlity involved in is the dental public health; Which is mainly the early evalutaion of dental health of the younger traget groups in kindergarten, and the education of the oral and dental health care to them and their guardian.    As for the Orthodontics school, students learn the relation of the teeth to jaws and the skeletal bones and their developmental relations and proportions. They learn to differentiate malocclusions and their specefic treatmens. In this department the learners are given the chance to start on models in a preclinical setting and then they move on to clinical treatmens.


The members of this department follow a systematic education program provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Islamic Republic of Iran and the students will be recognized as certified Doctors of Dental Surgery 


To improve a supportive learning

- To enhance curriculum with extra curricular activities
- To increase teaching collaborations within the department
- To enrich the departmental teaching resources
- To promote educational methods
- To improve Dental Publications 


  • Developing a dental public health department
  • Acquiring and developing a talented, academic workforce
  • Discovering innovative ways in enhancing dental public health
  • Collaborating with developed worldwide universities


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